Riung Parahyangan School

Ruth Meiliani Surya

Project idea

Riung means gather, Parahyangan means Bandung city itself in Sundanese.
This design supports children and teachers to use a two-ways learning method in school, including discussions outdoor and indoor. This design also supports social learning and interactions with nature and Sundanese culture as well.

Project description

Facilities :
1. Parking area
2. basketball area, also used for events
3. waiting area for parents
4. labs
5. teachers' room
6. classrooms
7. restrooms
8. ' ekstrakurikuler' rooms
9. open space
10. canteen
11. loading dock

Technical information

From the masterplan, we'll able to see the meaning of " riung" (gather) itself that supports social learning by setting the masses of the buildings centered straight to the hill that shows respect to nature as well.



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