Frame - Apartment and Mixed Use (Bandung art center)

Marcell Andrew Tuyu

Project idea

The idea of this project is frame the living and frame the art. For the living, it is to give a prestige feeling, because the site is located in a high-prized land, therefore they need to feel that it is worth it to buy this apartment. For the art, in Bandung there are a lot of talented artist, but so few of them have the courage to become an artist. It is because an artist's seen as a not stable job. There is no prestige of being an artist. That's why in the public area there will be a giant masterpiece of art that framed by the building itself. This frame also act as a public space that connected the urban area from two sides.

Project description

This project of apartment and Bandung art center placed at the urban area. This project focused on 3 things. How the living spaces are made, how the mixed use made the space in the podium area, and how the urban area designed, which can be connected 2 main public area in the district.

Technical information

The details of this project focused on the structure, which is the main reason why this form can be created. This building use a interspatial truss which will be shown in the facade. The interspatial truss hold a cable column which hold the tensile load.


This is a studio project that I made with the help of my mentor, Dr. Rahadhian Prajudi Herwindo, IAI.

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