Psychiatric Hospital in Yerevan, Armenia

Angela Sargsyan
Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia

Project idea

In fact, in Armenia there isn’t any psychiatric hospital that meets the requirements of modern psychiatry. That’s why the latest methods of treatments cannot be used. The main goal of this project is to improve the situation of psychiatry in Armenia.
At the same time the project has intention to change the attitude of the local people to the psychiatry institution. In fact, the majority of Armenian population considering psychiatry hospitals as a dangerous and hopeless place. At this point this project comprise the elements that will create more homelike and friendly atmosphere both for visitor and stuff.

Project description

Hospital provides diagnostic and treatment services There are three inpatients units, rooms for individual and group therapies for outpatient care and spaces for different alternative therapies such as swimming, sports, art, meditation, yoga, music, dance etc.
The chosen area is located in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, it is situated to the east of the city center and offers spectacular views of the city center and the Mount Ararat.
There are three entrances to the plot. The main entrance is from the main street, it will be used by visitors and stuff. There is another entrance from the main street, which will usually be used for departing vehicles. there is an alternative entrance from the secondary street.
The complex conssits of two buildings. All inpatient units, diagnostic and assessment rooms, individual and group therapy rooms are located in the main building. The second building is for the alternative and recovery unit, and have its own entrance for consumers and staff.
Main hospital building
This building has two entrances: the main entrance and the emergency entrance. The main entrance is for visitors and staff, it is located on the first floor. The emergency entrance is situated on the ground floor, and is connected with intensive care unit.
The composition is built around the main axis. Along this axis are the units that serve the entire complex (entrance unit, administrative unit, support facilities (kitchen, loudery, air condition etc.)) All the remaining units are arranged around this axis.
The building can be divided into three zones according to provided services: outpatient, inpatient and diagnostic zones. Outpatient and diagnostic zones are located on the 1st floor and are free for all visitors. Inpatient zone is only for consumers and staff members and is located on the ground floor and two lower floors.
The outpatient zone includes rooms for individual and group therapies. This zone also contains quite lounges and living room for consumers rest.
The diagnostic zone consists of assessment rooms, laboratories and waiting areas.
Inpatient zone is divided into three inpatient units: intensive care unit, child and adolescent unit and adult unit. The units are designed to create the most welcoming and homelike environment for patient’s fast recovery. Every unit has large courtyard where patients can relax, communicate and do sports. Each courtyard is divided into two part: active and passive recreation. These parts are separated by crossing building block, but due to the relief features there is a passage under the separating block and you can get from the one part of the courtyard to the another without entering the building. The large windows create the illusion of unity of outdoor and indoor spaces.
Building of Alternative and recovery unit: This building contains a number of spaces for different therapies. There is a pool, gymnasium, studios for yoga, meditation and dance, classes for music and art and sensory modulation room.

Technical information

The main materials are steel, concrete and glass. The used construction in column - beam system.

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