BBAD - Badacsony Bay Area Development

Delovan Delawer
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Project idea

BBAD Design Concept:

The Badacsony Bay Area is a development for the public of the village. It is designed to develop the port area of Badacsony, aiming to highlight its most vital activities that have a potentiality to grow in this side of the country, but at the same time, it mostly aims to keep the area as quiet as a one-day touristic site, and not crowd it up with extra touristic activities that might affect the wine culture that the village is very famous for. As rich as the site of the port is, as much as the inspirations were teeming,
having a very busy yacht coast, the volcanic mountains of as a backdrop view.
The Badacsony Bay Area Development, is a development that grows old with its community, creating memorable times throughout their lives. And staying there to grow old with the earth. through its materials, through its presence and through its interaction with the community of Badacsony.

Project description

So all the ideas mentioned above and the purpose of the development inspired the project’s design through the following points:
- The main aim of the project was to use, redevelop and merge the existing sites and structures with the new attractions. (as could be noticed from the sketches as well the area was planned by the traces of the valuable abandoned Market, which the project aims to bring its previous intended function back to life through the Badacsony Bay Area, and also the existing port which is the most vital function of the project, and these traces created the intertwined erected structures that were sculpted by the social ideas that are written later down below.
- Create a new promenade for the settlers of Badacsony, and also create experiences and excitements at the eye level.
- Create a cityscape within the lake-scape without repelling the locals of the project as the previous monumental market, but inviting the new activities creating familiar, yet experimental architecture that is inspired by the architectural norms of the village, for example, the Roci House, which is Badacsony’s most famous, and abstracting its architectural elements and creating user-friendly spaces that wouldn’t repel the locals.
- Designing this fragmented village center that is aiming to create these urban/touristic experiences withing the town-scape.
- Build a coherent and attractive pedestrian environment. As the design works a pedestrian-friendly project at all points and all inches.
- Designed getaway islands that act as an oasis in the middle of the lake, that could host parties and different one-time activities.
- The design doesn't stop only at providing the locals with distinct experiences on the ground, but it also bring these new experiences on lake Balaton, this time not through the oasis islands, but through giving a one of a kind experience by creating a portion of the port water characterized being naturally colored with orange algae, making the whole place mesmerizing. This distinct experience of the orange algae colored water will not only magically touch the hearts of the pedestrians, but also the sailors, bringing the traces of the old market to the lake shores.
- Since the design aims to integrate with the community of Badacsony, by being part of their memories and by growing old with them. So a kid brought up in the area, will witness the building's different ages along his life's different phases, and how it changes and wit with his/her family.
- The Landscape is designed in a very harmonious way, as it opens like a zipper from the forest, into walkable pedestrian pathways. Not that alone, but every landscape feature is a natural element, i.e. no shading devices, but trees for shading, and no seats, but rocks and other natural elements under the trees' shed. As it was noticed during the early site visits, there was no shading on site, neither gathering spots at all, not even trees away from the forest.

Technical information

- The patented Algae-colored water, and also other Landscape Features, both marking the traces of the BBAD on the Balaton for a one of a kind experience.
- The Multipurpose hall is highly flexible due to the different floor mechanisms and different light schemes (with curtains closed and hid) where it could go completely flat and also be mechanized into stepped seating. This way you have a huge dance floor and an event area, and at the same location, you have a closed and isolated theater-like place, and at your will you can also have an entirely open multipurpose hall with stepped seating and Lake Balaton is the background view, when curtains are up.
- Landscape details and all-around pedestrian-friendly grass-crete to connect the biodiversity available on the site.
- Details of the Exterior and Interior work to illustrate the masses as floating, as their connection to the ground is merely the glass panels (Where the structural elements in the interior are used as green walls, completely misinterpreted as structural elements so the whole masses look as if they were floating in the air)

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