Gina Jalil Ghaoui
USEK - Holy spirit University of Kaslik

Project idea

My goals is to run a nursing home , and
-Encourage the holding of enriching activities between different generations
-promote interaction significant different generations
-promote active aging
-break the isolation of elders and youth

Project description

How can we enroll other stakeholders in our project
How to envisage the future of the inter-generational project
What attracts in the meeting of generations
What do I ask, What do i offer
How can we cope with current social problems
How can each Age value the work of the other
How to sensitize different generations to the existence of other generations
What is networking
How to install a climate of trust between the different age groups

Technical information

Part A : Eldery zone
1.three type of Rooms
2.Common living rooms
3.Common dinning rooms
4.Nurse stations
5.Food preparation

Part B : Services and Medical Area
1.Food preparation
3. Urgency zone
4: Radiology

Part C : Art Space

Part D :Children's Area

Part E : Sports area
1: Closed Pool
2: Gym
3: Class room

Part F :Socio-cultural space

Part G: Towers

Part H: Administration

Part I : Auditorium

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