Interior Design

Broken plan - Panel usage

Žaklina Nježić
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Project idea

The design aimed to find the compromise between the Closed plan and Open plan of the house areas, which both had good and bad sides. As an ideal solution for maintaining benefits while avoiding flaws, the BROKEN PLAN is emerging. Although the concept remains similar, there is a certain partition in the space, most often between the living room block and the kitchen and dining room blocks.

Project description

Through the analysis done, it is visible that the kitchen area did not always have the glory as the living area did. Only in the 1950s, the role gets bigger, and the kitchen escapes from the "side group" and becomes the "command center". The areas are divided by the glass panels, which are functioning as sliding doors, opening and closing by the user's need. The kitchen is done in the retro mood, and pastel colors are present to show the note of unity in the plan itself. Copper tones are chosen in order to bring a sense of lightweight in the space, where the family can feel comfortable.
The project was done at the University of Montenegro.

Technical information

The floorplan is done in regular shape, and furniture is adjusted to it as well. The panels are present in between, with light fixtures that allow the sliding and side rotation.

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