Concert Hall on Dvorak's embankment

Magdaléna Jilečková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The idea of the building was to reflect the positive aspects of Prague, especially it's beauty and artistic history, through modern architecture. The idea was to create an elegant and expressive building that, at the same time, reacts to the surrounding environment and historical context. The building is formed by a tentacle of an unknown creature that gives an impression of emerging from the nearby river, Vltava. The tentacle also serves as a platform that leads to the top of the building where a panorama restaurant is situated.

Project description

The task was to design a concert hall and it's close surroundings. The most important parts of the project were the facade and visual impression and the layout solution for the individual segments of the concert hall. Construction and advanced technical solutions were discussed only briefly. We were supposed to design spaces for the visitors, spaces for administrative purposes and staff and spaces for the performers.

Technical information

The facade is constructed from GFRC panels which are suspended on truss girders and glass beams, which gives the impression that the facade is hanging in space. Materials are in light shades and because they are simple, make the construction stand out. The reverberation time is reduced by the GLASIO acoustic panels.

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