A place in the port

Patricia Martinez Ferri
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad Europea de Madrid, Madrid

Project idea

This project is not born of a proposed statement, born of seeing a need in Palma de Mallorca. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in this city, walk its streets, enjoy its gastronomy, get to know its emblematic places and those hidden only for Majorcans ...
Whenever he walked through his Cathedral, the Paseo Marítimo, or went down the Paseo del Borne, he looked towards the port, he saw an opportunity, a privileged space but the city did not enjoy it.
I commented my concerns to my teachers and proposed to do a different project to try to find an answer to the problems of the port of Palma, to which they encouraged me to develop these ideas and be proud of a project that was not a project for a note, but to solve a space and somehow create a place for people.

Project description

As in many other cities in Europe, the port can be transformed, create a new space for the city, and not be an obstacle with the city and sea union. Examples of them may be the port of London, Rotterdam or closer ports such as in Barcelona and Malaga or Valencia.
I propose an urban space that connects the Majorcans and visitors with the sea, I try to create a leisure, social and cultural space since the city lacks infrastructure for it. It is a project that in the long run would be an improvement for the city since that idyllic space now wasted, could be lived and enjoyed by the inhabitants of the island.

Technical information

A space to walk, to get to touch the water, enjoy workshops (painting, music, dance ...), to taste in the port of Mediterranean cuisine and finally reach a place where you can contemplate works of art and learn from New artists
It seeks to strengthen the main road that goes down the historic center to join the port and the city. A new axis that is not cut by the road artery that now prevents the connection between the citizen and the sea. Thus, it is intended to reduce traffic on that road, in addition to proposing a space for public transport and strengthening pedestrian traffic.
The turns of the wall that broke against the water will be recovered, drawing a new front and playing with unevenness until it touches the sea. The port of Palma is theoretically the entrance or exit of the city, to strengthen that idea it is proposed to create a route that allows you to reach the “beginning or end” of the island,
thus improving the land-sea union. To close this tour, you will arrive at a surveillance space or viewpoint, culminating in it a cultural milestone for the city.

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