Richard Krajnak
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering

Project idea

This project is located in dense buildings area at Hlubocepy in Prague with the existing barn building on the given land. My first idea was to use the existing barn for my project, but due to bad orientation and technical condition I have decided to design a new family house with the boundaries hedge made out of the existing barn's walls.

Project description

Barnhaus project was made as my bachelor thesis with the purpose of family house design for 4 family members - parents and two kids. Whole project was made as an architectural study and project for building permission. Due to existing surrounding buildings and land orientation I decided to place the rectangular layout to the southern-east part of the land with own parking area in the front of the entrance and lower backyard part with the direct approach from the common area on the first floor and parking as well. To secure more daylight to interior spaces I designed a small atrium in the middle of the house with a nice seating area. This project is made as a unique design for the given land and shape of the terrain. I see it as very cozy, smart and family based modern design that can fulfill the requirements of every member of the family.

Technical information

Whole house is made from sustainable wooden CLT panels that ensure great energy efficient building (class A). There is an electrical floor heating in almost every room with mechanical ventilation from a technical room, bathroom and common room as well. Heating is supported by fireplace for cold winter months. Barnhaus is using a public electricity, but it can generate its own by using photovoltaic panels on the roof.



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