Exhibition center

Alena Fűllsacková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

My task was to create exhibition center in a old exhibitoon area called Praha Holešovice. The location sits right next to the park from which I took advantage. I wanted to stay in touch with a park that is why there is a 18m high triangle shaped glass wall. People can sit inside while staying in touch with outside nature. the main entrance is from the south which is dynamised with "wing" going up and creating a roof so people can gather outside without getting wet in a case of rain. In general the whole roof sheet shape is working well with surounding, it works with roads, sun (nature lighting), views, etc.
Overall this interesting shape creates excitement also inside of the building. The interier playes with depths and feelings of visitor. When entrering you are under the wing which makes you feel excited for what comes next. Next you enter specious foyer with high angled ceiling, that makes you feel free and comfortable. In the middle there is an island with coffee room and at the last floor there is restaurant and administration rooms. From the highest point you have a view to the whole foyer and also outside to the park. You can watch park from the relaxing area with a small library and shop. the exhibition rooms are situated underground and some temporary are also in a main foyer.

Project description

Base is a roof created with GFRC panels which shapes the building, underneath are glass walls which gives interiers light. The roof works as a cloak, it creates depth and it works with interier. Where the cloak touches ground, the floor level in interier lowers and creates interesting spaces. For me was essential to create a space where people like to go relax and feel comfortable, that´s why I made the inside rooms very flexible and multiuse. You find there for example place where you can sit on a big "stairs" under the cloak, watch documentaries there or listen to some audio parts. Next to it is relaxing zone with library or temporary exhibition.

Technical information

The roof is created with glass fiber reinforced concrete sheets joined with screw connection, as a seal in a joining works neoprene 2420 or silicone. On the inside face is sprayed layer of EXY 34 HFO, which isolates and it is also reincorcade foam with closed cell structure. The glass used is triple isolating glass.


This project could not exist without my two leading teachers, Ing. arch. Vladimir Gleich and Ing. arch. Miroslav Němeček, they both gave me hand during semester and helped me to come till the end.

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