niavaran school of architecture

Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Inspired by parts of Iranian architecture to bring light into the interior of buildings and play with light. Also create fascinating scenes using light and shadow. Our goal is to create a human space tailored to the needs of architecture students. Spaces for more teamwork and architectural communication and discourse.

Project description

With a school of architecture on the streets of Niavaran in Tehran you can create the ideal design in a cultural center, in the area of ​​Niavaran Cultural Center and in the neighborhood of museums and palaces. This project comes with a new look at the design and use of space required by architectural scholars to read an example from Hussein and share a discourse on architectural space.
In addition to creating our interiors, we also designed and designed outdoor spaces such as the courtyard and the terrace of the complex so as not to confine students to space and connect those who create different urban and human spaces to the community and the city. We are not surrounded by walls so that our students are not separated from their own people and serve their communities by creating creative and humane spaces.

Technical information

The building uses concrete pillars with a waffle roof system. The reason for using the Wafel roof system is to cover the craters up to 15 meters, most of which is 12 meters.
In this project, the side walls are of shear type.
The project's heating system is air-conditioned and has a foam induction.



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