Cirebon Cultural and Tourism Center

Alvin Cuacahya

Project idea

Cirebon is a city in West Java that famous for it's culture. Javanese, Sundanese, Islamic, Hinduism, and Chinese are influencing local culture. Creating a unique culture that able to adapt foreign culture without losing it's own identity. Unique culture, interesting places, and local delicacies are things that attract many tourist.

Cirebon Cultural and Tourism Center is created to accommodate the increasing tourism activity in Cirebon and become a cultural showcase for tourist.

Project description

The site situated in a historical district of Cirebon. It is surrounded by many historical building, such as Keraton Kasepuhan (the royal palace) and Sang Cipta Rasa Great Mosque. Contrast-Harmony and Critical-Contextual are two main ideas for designing in this historic district.

The purpose of Contrast-Harmony are to give more attention for heritage buildings and to avoid monotonous form. In the same time it use the value from the heritage buildings and same material (red bricks).

Critical-Contextual is a progressive design approach that become a bridge between local and global architecture. Contemporary design is intended to respect heritage buildings around it.

Technical information

One of the value that use in design is light impression from the traditional palace buildings. Traditional palace buildings use thin column to support big roof without any wall that surrounding the building. To create that impression, Cirebon Cultural and Tourism Center use a special structural system. Interspatial truss are used to elevate the building and creating light impression and minimal column space. Three concrete core and a truss core are used as 'column' that support the building.

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