Residential Building - Mukusala

Anna Šimková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The designed building is situated in currently renovated area of Mukusala, Riga, facing the River Daugava. The area is surrounded with an existing residential district, a developing university campus and a business district. The site is located between the Daugava waterfront and a smaller water channel surrounded with a park. It provides a connection between the main square, which serves as an accumulation point of this area for locals, students, workers and visitors, and the Daugava riverbank. The site, therefore, connects a strong public element with a beautiful natural one, both of which people are attracted to. It is for this reason this project is mainly focused on the people and their interaction witch each other and with natural elements.

Project description

The site was divided into two parts in such fashion that the main pedestrian street connecting the square with the Daugava waterfront was created. Commercial spaces (shops, restaurants, bars, etc.) are situated in the ground floors of the buildings at the main pedestrian street. As this street is designed as both an important, service providing space, and a key connection between the square and the river waterfront, a pedestrian bridge above the ground was designed to connect these places and to enable access to the river across the very busy Mukusala street. Also, together with this bridge, a floating water point on the River Daugava was designed providing a large space for relaxation by the river, a boat stop for the public boat transport, places for boat anchoring or possibly for holding concerts, projections etc. All floors above the ground level are designed for living (from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom flats), so the bridge was also designed inside the building´s courtyards to provide the residents semi-private space and possibilities to socialize with their neighbours, have barbecues, or grows plants, herbs, vegetables etc

Technical information

The building is designed as combination of concrete and brick construction.
Ground floor is designed with stone cladding and the upper floors and bridge are designed with wooden cladding.

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