KISH Airport

sara bagheri
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

This airport is designed for KISH Island in Iran. The main concept of the project is derived from marine corals and aquatic creatures. The purpose of this concept and the project is to develop regional and regional design. And the purpose of this project is to make sustainable architecture less harmful to the environment and contribute to the beauty of the island.

Project description

The design idea came from the coral and marine mussels of the Persian Gulf
The Persian Gulf is famous for many aquatic plants
It has two entrances and two exits
One entrance to the south and another entrance to the southeast and one exit to the south and another exit to the north of the site.
The height of this building is considered 2 meters.
Shell part of the building included
There are many windows and ceiling lights
This section is designed to induce more relaxation for travelers
The tunnel-shaped part is a means of connecting two volumes to one another
The interiors of the building include bright colors
So that it can convey a sense of calm
Due to the humid climate of Kish Island there is a lot of vegetation on this site
In the northern part of the site, there are embedded watch towers
The plan site contains separate inputs and outputs, and routes to and from the Point of China have been identified
The watchtower contains separate entrances
The main purpose of the design is to provide a sense of security, tranquility and comfort for Kish Island residents and travelers.

Technical information

The area has a warm and humid climate. In hot and humid areas, materials with low thermal mass and bright color are better used. Because climatically, the underlying problem is too much heat, and it is incorrect to store daytime heat. For this reason, wood is the best type of material in these areas, as the wood transmits heat slowly and the heat gained during the day stays on the surface of the wood and with its relatively cool breeze at night, the wood retains its heat from Loses.


Dr. Somayeh Ravanshadnia

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