Airport Design

Shahrzad Shariattalab
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The concept of this project is inspired of a star fish in kish island. The project corrected by the author in many times and in final the project become in the shape which you can see in the sheets.

Project description

To create an airport which designed by the concept of star fish. The airport is designed in two floors, two access point for enter and two access point for exit and a separate access point for VIP and CIP, Waiting saloons, coffee shop in a leg of star fish at the grand floor, escalator, conveyer belt, security office, access arms to airplane, management office and airways offices is second floor

Technical information

After concept of project
1- physical program and spatial diagram
2-plan designing
3-site planing design
4-elevation and section
5- 3D render of interior and exterior of project
6- Animation


The teacher who help me and correct my project is mrs. Somayeh Ravanshadnia who is meber of faculty of my university.

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