Headquaters of Greenpeace

Chan Shui Nam
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Project idea

The design concept is from the movement of origami dove. Dove is the symbol of peace so it is matching with the aims of Greenpeace.

Project description

Proposed a new headquarters design for Greenpeace located in Hong Kong. Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over forty countries. Greenpeace states its goal is to "ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity“ and focuses its campaigning on worldwide issues such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling, genetic engineering, and anti-nuclear issues. Greenpeace uses direct action, lobbying and research to achieve its goals. Greenpeace is known for its direct actions and has been described as the most visible environmental organization in the world. Greenpeace has raised environmental issues to public knowledge and influenced both in the private and the public sector.

Technical information

Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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