Kish Airport

Sara Sardashti
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The idea of my project was a helicopter shot because it has the form and the creepy atmosphere is perfect for this entertainment or filming.
And putting this kind of entertainment, which was also the idea of the airport itself, is a new and exciting idea.

Project description

A shotgun is a device or a helicopter for filming and entertainment.
The project has tried to use its form and also to apply this type of entertainment at the airport
Due to its tension, the shape of the airport is also suitable.

Technical information

The airport has the best amenities for travelers to experience relaxation and comfort.
There are also sleeping and sleeping rooms at the airport, a gym, an adult lounge, a children's play area, a greenhouse, a café and a restaurant and shops.
There is plenty of green space at the airport.And these spaces, along with providing comfort for travelers, reduce the stress of traveling before.

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