Kish Airport

Fatemeh Ghoddousi
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The idea of a seahorse

Project description

The idea of a seahorse
Located on Kish Island
The material is metal and glass
The airport is in the form of a skyscraper
The sky glass is like a diamond.
The restaurant and café are located on top of the open roof.

Technical information

The Kish International Airport serves as the entry point for the hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to Kish Island. The airport grants 14-day visa-free entry foreign citizens who enter from a foreign country under a different scheme from that of mainland Iran.
Plans are 3 main parts
The airport plan operates separately in each sector
The first part is public. The second part is designed for special people.
And the part for overseas flights that has a separate exit section.
And restaurants, cafes and shops are also on the top floor.
As well as family entertainment and children are waiting for their flight temporary gallery and game room for children is embedded
The roof is of glass structure with aluminum and metal frames
And the overall structure is metal
The area of structure 7200 meters

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