Negin Golchoubian
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The design of this airport was inspired by the Take-off and landing state of an airplane and the simplified form of the aircraft body.

Project description

The design path of this airport started from its general posture and mass, which at first glance resembles waves and continued with its plan and and function.
The general posture will resemble the waves of the body of a plane and its Take-off and landing states.
Psychologically speaking, the curved shapes are a reminder of softness and calmness and fluidity, which can be a point of strength and calming to those who suffer from phobias.
before the flight, a quick stroll in the green and exterior spaces can be the perfect solution for controlling these phobias and their stress.

Technical information

The most important target is to make the passengers feel safe and at peace, which is why green spaces have been used in the airports site, and also windows have been installed, in order to have the external and the internal space interconnected. The site has an extensive green space, in addition to the living room, which allows the passers to spend time and enjoy these places.
Many places have been provided for the purpose of resting and spending time in the interior space of the airport, also multiple hotel rooms are available for the passengers.

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