Kish Airport

Navid Akbarzadeh
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Form of the tiles which nowadays have been combined with modern space and materials, is inspired by Iranian “Shams” and starfish. The former reminds Iran and its ancient inscriptions, and the latter reminds Kish island.

Project description

What is “Zarrin-Fam”?
The “Zarrin-Fam” glaze, which Abolqasem Ferdowsi calls the “Do-Atashe”, was the most prevalent and popular technique in tile decoration. The “Zarrin-Fam” pottery, which was widely used in Iran from the sixth to the eighth centuries AH, emerged almost simultaneously with the Seljuk rule in Iran.
According to the iconography studies conducted on the primitives “Zarrin-Fam” tiles, and since these types of tiles were more commonly used as figurative designs than plant patterns, it can be concluded that these types of tiles was dedicated to non-religious buildings.

Technical information

The site is filled with green place and furniture for the rest of users and reduces pre-flight anxiety.
For keeping and taking care of passengers’ children, child room is placed inside plan. Moreover, for the use and leisure time of passengers, cafes and restaurants are provided.

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