Cilincing Marine Research Center

Jovanca Anabel

Project idea

Coral reefs are the most diverse ecosystems in the world. About 25% of marine fish depend on healthy coral reefs. In addition, the sea is a source of food, medicine, security, tourist destinations so that it benefits the community. Marine and fisheries research is carried out to determine the condition of the sea while maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem so that it can benefit the community.

In accordance with its function, the theme to be raised is based on the symbiotic nature of coral reefs and algae ‘zooxanthellae’. The purpose of symbiosis is to unify functions in buildings. This symbiotic appearance wants to be displayed not only in its function, but also in the building. The nature of this symbiosis is usually in the form of a combination of green open space and buildings. The unified and flowing space program process is what wants to be highlighted as the design theme, so that the design not only shows the sustainable aspects, but also the appearance by highlighting the main functions of the building. The theme to be highlighted as a process of symbiosis is the nature of 'unity'.

Project description

Indonesia as an archipelagic country with marine potential has not been explored all of it does not yet have adequate facilities for research and development to maximize its marine potential.
It is necessary to design a building for adequate research activities for research researchers in Indonesia and also outside the city / country in accordance with its marine and fisheries development functions that have collaborated a lot with international research center. In addition, this research center is useful as an activity generator that can educate the local community, Jakarta, or outside the city to be able to add insight into the underwater world, of course at a more affordable price. In terms of economy, culinary or handicraft typical of Cilincing with certain standards can be sold so as to improve the economy of the local community.

Technical information

The form uses the symbiotic theme of coral reefs so that the dynamic shape resembles the state of the sea and green areas on each floor.
This symbiosis aims to unite the functions in the building. Symbiosis is not only in the floor plan but also in the building facade. The symbiotic nature of this building is a combination of green open space and building functions on each floor.

The facade concept of the research center building is to select sites that have access to the sea. That way, the concept to be addressed is addressing the building on the waterfront site. Mass form is dynamic because it uses a sea theme. The facade display reflects the dynamic motion of the ocean wave phenomenon.



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