Chinese Cultural Center Bandung

Vivian Nathalia Surjadi

Project idea

This cultural center was created around the Chinatown area of Bandung. The aim of this project is to introduce Chinese culture to the community and maintain a diversity of citizenship.
This building is made from the concept of Chinese architecture as known as YinYang. YinYang means balance. There are 4 balance concepts that applied in this building, namely TianYuanTiFang, SiHeYuan, Jian, and WuXing.
In Chinese architecture, there are many concept that refer to balance. Some of these concepts are applied and interpreted in this building including, courtyard as public area, the shape and the structure of the mass based on SiHeYuan and TianYuanTiFang, and the structure module that used based on Jian concept.

Project description

The building mass is divided into 4 based on SiHeYuan order. This building is substracted and added based on the basic form of TianYuanTiFang illustration (sky is circle and earth is square). Beside that, the shape of circle is taken from the typology of Hakka houses originating from southern Cina. That houses also apply the courtyard concept in the center.

Technical information

The building facade is taken from typology of shop houses around the site. The circle form on the junction is taken from the form of Hakka houses and aims to respond street corner building.

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