The mobile pavilion of knowledge project referring to biomimicry.

BOUZATEUR amine abdessalem
faculté d'architecture et d'urbanisme université de Constantine 03

Project idea

I am a student of architecture . I think I have an exaorderory idea, by creating a mobile pavilion of knowledge using biomimicry and flexible architecture.
Today, it is so important to make the scientific and technological progress that is evolving too fast, at citizens disposal.
Spreading and sharing this new scientific and technological culture, has become necessary in order to make them able to ride this wave of development. This process needs an architecture capable of giving impetus to the urban area in question. Therefore, designing a mobile knowledge project is the ideal opportunity to experience an innovative architecture, which is the flexible architecture.
The mobile pavilion of knowledge project is part of a logic made of catalyst elements for this impulse, where science, technology, culture, relaxation, fun, meeting and exchange will strengthen links between the inhabitants of the city and will help approach the citizens and visitors of the country.
The mobile project of knowledge is the result of a documentary, applied and comparative researches. We are making a simulation of these researches’ results using the computing tools to choose the right results to apply.
The inspiration for this project based on a biological process that only found in the Sahara, so that we ensure the integration of our mobile project with its environments.
Key Words: Flexible architecture, pavilion, exposition, knowledge.

Project description

It is a mobile pavillon of knowledge

Technical information


Dr. Oualid SOTEHI and Dr. BENHASSINE Nassira