Interior Design

The Frame

Tony Wong
Hong Kong Design Institute
Hong Kong

Project idea

For the past several years, we get used to make videos to record every moment of our life. And no matter what you see, within just a few seconds, the impact of a video is irreplaceable, it also serves as a platform for us to express ourselves. This project is about recreating all precious moments.

Interesting fact, over 80% people use videos and photos to share with friends, keep record and express themselves. But the problem is, how we record and preserve these memories determines its value. For example, a research shows that most of the people cannot even remember what stories they posted on Instagram one day before.

Therefore, in order to protect these important memories, there are things that we can do. Share, Record, and Treasure. Therefore, an integrated social space was made.

Project description

The Frame is a visualization center that aims to provide a way that users can reform, treasure and share their memories through creating a short but forceful micro-film. They can also view other people’s memories and stories with their friends and family. The center will provide a way to let people accurately and professionally express themselves.

The concept of The Frame is all about Memories.

Memories are characters. They are your friends, your family, your lover or even yourself. Memories are emotions. Happiness, Sadness, Excitement. Memories are exploration. Each time you retreat your memories, it’s just feels like going on an adventure. Memories are distortion. How you remember may not be exactly how things were. Memories are fragmentation. You just gather it up piece by piece. Together, these elements make great contribution to my design.

Technical information

Site: Plaza 2000
Location: 2-4 Russell Street & 6-9 Canal Road East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Size: 1298 sqm
Floor Plans: Please refer to project photos

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