OxyGen (Project of complex district renovation in Milan, Italy)

Valery Karpov, Phillip Trofimchuk
Brest State Technical University

Project idea

Milan is currently at a new stage of development. The plan being developed for this city includes improving the quality of life of all people living here, which is directly related to the environment. The task consisted of a comprehensive renovation of three territories - Zone A (new construction), Zone B (sectional reconstruction) and Zone C (connecting part, with infrastructure development). It was necessary to solve the problem of noise and air pollution coming from nearby railway tracks

Project description

The OXYGEN project is a living organism that breathes, develops and gives new life. The projected area is the molecular structure of oxygen, where two atoms are joined together by a strong bond. So the people who are in this territory are united among themselves with the help of various functions. The basis of the OXYGEN project will be a system of modules with many useful functions. They provide us with clean air, clean water and clean energy. The system of modules is located both in a residential environment and in a public one, thereby creating a single ecosystem. The new construction zone is a self-sufficient residential area, filled with recreation areas and various services. The hexagonal structure of the district makes it possible to quickly buildundefined in place of the finished blocks according to the principle of the designer. A relief modular shell will be erected on top of the new and reconstructed buildings, which will protect the buildings from noise, supply residents with clean air, water and energy, and also clean the environment from harmful emissions. The connecting zone is full of various functions. There are pavilions used for exhibitions and fairs, a children's educational center with a botanical garden, a lawn for gymnastics, art spaces, quiet areas, a landscape park, a rest club, sports grounds and a spa center. The public space is covered with electricity generating plates and modular shells, the energy from which is used for night illumination of the territory. The OXYGEN project is aimed at the harmonious formation of an urban environment within natural areas, achieving sustainable development goals, ensuring the comfort of absolutely all walks of life and creating a single structure for combating harmful emissions. undefined It is time to make a decision on which our future depends. What it will be - depends only on us!

Technical information

Floor plans, sections, visualizations, general plan of the territory, functional zoning scheme, shaping scheme, module design scheme, idea scheme, energy efficiency indicators

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