Ecaterina Podlesnaia
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

I started my project by thinking about the philosophy and the main idea of ​​the project. The main goal was to find a connection between the building and the processes that will take place inside and the people who will work, study or temporarily stay there. The entire STU complex is closely related to science and scientific activity, as indicated by the monument to one of the greatest chemists Dmitry Mendeleev. This small monument became a landmark in the development of this concept because the atom is the smallest part of a chemical element and the core is the center around which electrons and protons revolve. This concept has a real core, which is surrounded by other buildings as if in rings and also around this "core" the life and activities of people involved in scientific activity will "revolve". In this case the core is a hemispherical dome of a recreational nature; it is also possible to hold various events there. The core is a symbol of a scientific beginning, a particle without which nothing can exist.

Project description

I tried to effectively use the site given to us in this project.
A two-level underground car park was designed for 300 parking spaces. This is a great solution to leave as much space as possible for landscaping and relaxation.
The building has 5 floors and consists of 4 structural blocks connected to each other. There are auditoriums of different sizes, offices, multifunctional rooms and recreational areas on each floor. There are 2 atriums designed inside the building. The atrium allows natural lighting of the corridors and creates the impression of lightness inside like there is more light and air inside.
There is an open space on the roof of the 4th floor with landscaping, like a small square on the roof. If you want to get some fresh air, you don't have to waste time on the way to the courtyard, you can just go to the "green roof". This space can be accessed not only from the top floor, but you can also climb there via a radial ramp.
This ramp creates a sense of greater dynamics and rotation, which supports the main idea of ​​the core, and moreover, it is an interesting way to move in STU space.
This project is a great way to combine urban and scientific space. Possible exhibitions and conferences will only increase public interest in this place.

Technical information

The building consists of four structural blocks linked together. Each block has an individual mesh of reinforced concrete columns.
The building itself is large, so it was decided to use a lot of glazing. This solution visually makes the building lighter and weightless. In addition to glass, concrete is used on the facades as well. The gray color of the concrete will provide a connection between the new building and the existing ones, as they are exactly in similar shades.