ACUSTIC Radiant Ceiling

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Radiant  systems  interact  with  the  environment  through  the  physical  principle  of  radiation  releasing  or  absorbing  energy,  creating  an ideal  situation  for  heat exchange  between  the  individual  and  the surfaces.  Thanks  to  radiant  technology,  the classic phenomenon of hot  air  rising and cold air falling,  that  happens  with  air  conditioners and radiators,  is eliminated. The absence of  air  currents and the uniform temperature  make  the  room  comfortable  all  year  round. The Acustic ceiling system consists of two coupled plasterboard panels and acoustic felt. The plasterboard panels incorporate MidiX Plus piping. This system allows for a radiant ceiling system for multiple applications.

Year of market release: 2017

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


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