APZ15 & APZ115 - Shower drains


Shower drain without edge APZ15 and grid for embedding tiles. 
The new generation of APZ15 stainless steel shower drains is manufactured especially for design-oriented installations. The water is drained through two slots in the bathroom floor, which hide the stainless steel shower drain. The overall adjustment is not interrupted by the metal edge of the grid.

Unlimited tile height
Thanks to the fact that the shower drain and grid have no edges, you are not limited in any way when choosing tiles. You can use the surface of any height, from ultra-thin large-format tiles to robust natural stone slabs. This grid then becomes part of the tiling and fully merges with the rest of the bathroom.

Pure design lines
We think that great inventions may not be pompous. All the sophisticated and complex technical solutions remain hidden and all that is visible is simple and beautiful. Grid for embedding tiles is brilliant in its simplicity. It naturally merges with its surroundings.

25 year warranty.

More information and technical specs here.

Year of market release: 2020

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


Green technology
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