AM120/1120 - Pre-Wall Installation systems

Bathrooms|Plumbing / Instalation System

Universal WC system for toilet or seat with bidet function.
Pre-wall installation system for dry build (up plasterboard).

Whether the customer is already counting on toilet with bidet function in the project, or planning to purchase it in the future, our AM120 WC system is perfectly prepared for it.

Quality, technical solution, innovation, design – these are the primary characteristics of Alcadrain products. Pre-wall installation systems ALCA have undergone a number of innovations for easier installation and better user comfort.


• The universal WC system is designed for most toilets and seats with a bidet function on the market
• The choice of toilet bowl (standard or bidet) can be made after the installation of the WC system (especially suitable for projects where the owner decides later)
• Designed for the most widespread water connection dimension, however, with help of P193 board another position can be selected according to the type of selected bidet bowl
• Concealed water and electricity supply to the toilet bowl
• Toilet tablets dispenser
Compatible with all ALCA flush plates
Quick and quiet water filling
• Connector for installation of the fan for extracting air outside of the room

We trust our products thus we provide an extended 15 year warranty.

Full specification can be found on alcadrain website here.

Year of market release: 2023

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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