Sádromodul - Pre-wall installation system

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Sádromodul is a pre-wall installation system for dry build up (plasterboard). 
Thanks to many years of experience in the market of pre-wall installation systems our WC systems can deal with any space and any situation – SLIM with space-saving cisterns for small bathrooms, ECOLOGY using the low flushing water volume, WOOD specially designed for installation in the wooden construction houses, JÁDROMODUL for panel housing units (using additional top cross bar for fastening to side walls) or WC systems with top actuation (flush plate in the horizontal position).

SÁDROMODUL AM101/1120 is our bestselling WC system designed for installation in plasterboard partitions.

100% compatibility of ALCA flush plates with any standard ALCA WC system, even with the old ones.

We are the only manufacturer to include a dispenser of WC tablets in each standard ALCA system since 2021. The dispenser can be purchased as an accessory also for older types of ALCA systems.

We trust our products thus we provide an extended 15 year warranty.

The range of pre-wall installation systems ALCA is designed to be able to cover all possible uses. This includes not only building into solid walls, dry build up into plasterboard or wooden constructions but also an option to install the system into open bathroom spaces (see specific products for each type of material used).

Year of market release: 2003

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


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