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If you are choosing to design radiant panels for apartments, family houses or offices, check the range of ECOSUN GS glass radiant panels. These panels are available in white, black and mirror designs, as well as in modern Graphite, Wine Red, Basalte, and Platinum Gray. As so the appearance of the panel can be maximally adapted to your requirements. For a smaller bathroom, the ECOSUN GS 500 panel is suitable for vertical installation ( with its dimensions of 400 mm in width x 1,200 mm in height).

A stainless steel towel rail can be mounted on these radiant panels and in the bathroom they’ll become a very practical accessory. There is also a wide selection of outputs available – panels vary from 300W to 850 W. Radiant heating principle offers a better and more even temperature distribution and more economical service, compared to convection heating. Also, a decentralized system of regulation, individual control of each room with an immediate response to heat gains and the highest efficiency of direct conversion of energy into heat will be appreciated for the entire period of use.

Year of market release: 2019

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


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