IZOS INDOOR Ornamental Glass

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Discover the unexpected possibilities of the IZOS INDOOR range of designer glass, which will add timeless elegance and a touch of luxury to your interior. The IZOS INDOOR glass range consists of simple Float glass treated by toughening, layering or heat strengthening. They are perfect for glass doors, sliding walls, glass partitions or railings. The range also includes highly durable glass for walking surfaces such as glass stairs or glass floors. IZOS INDOOR glass meets the most demanding requirements for safety and quality of workmanship. The IZOS INDOOR range is perfectly complemented by a range of ornamental glass in thicknesses of 4 - 10 mm with a fine structure or geometric pattern or floral motif. They will perfectly fulfil the function of a dividing structure or a door filler, where they will provide the interior with sufficient light, but at the same time the users with the desired privacy. 
IZOS safety glass.

Library of decors here: https://www.izos.cz/cs/ornamentni-skla

Year of market release: 2022

Green technology: NO

Innovation: YES


Commercial Cultural Educational Government + Health Hospitality + Sport Industrial Interior
Residential Transport + Infrastructure
Green technology

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