Superinsulating glass IZOS Triple

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IZOS Triple glazing is a super-insulating glazing for the northern sides of houses where the emphasis is on maximum thermal insulation properties. The basic triple glazing with excellent thermal insulation properties has a thickness of 44 mm. It consists of three panels of glass and two frames. It is suitable for glazing plastic windows, wooden windows and aluminium structures.

Under the IZOS brand, customers can find a comprehensive range of insulating glazing that works with solar gains. This insulating glazing responds to the trend of contemporary architecture that designs large glazed areas in buildings. The larger the glazing area, the more emphasis is placed on its specific properties affecting the comfort of use of the building and its overall energy balance. In fact, only about 25 % of the window area is framing, with at least 75 % of the area being glass.

The unique range of IZOS glazing offers the possibility of installing several types of glazing to make the most efficient use of its properties.

Year of market release: 2022

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


Green technology


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