AVOCADO - Washbasin


An elegant and practical washbasin is designed especially for a suitable location above the bathtub. It maximally saves space in the bathroom without restricting comfort during bathing or washing hands. The shape of the Avocado washbasin was inspired by nature and thus creates a relaxed and positive atmosphere in the bathroom. The atmosphere is further supported by the harmonious design of the washbasin and the bathtub. Thanks to the omission of sharp edges and disturbing details, the oval lines of the washbasin refine the bathroom interior.

Available in two versions - Avocado (850x450 mm) and Avocado Comfort (950x530 mm).

Part of the concept 
The Avocado concept features a bathtub and a washbasin that respects all your requirements – both to save space and maximise comfort. The bathtub, inspired by the shape of the popular tropical fruit, is sufficiently wide in the shoulder area and saves space where it is less needed around the legs when you bathe. The location of the washbasin over the bathtub leg space does not diminish your bathing space but adds a practical place to wash your hands. Access to the bathtub and the washbasin remains easy and comfortable. The whole concept is unified by graceful rounded curves that naturally promote the feeling of peace and relaxation.

Year of market release: 2005

Green technology: NO

Innovation: NO


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