MOON - Washbasin


Set of table-top washbasins made of cast marble. These basins are based on the elementary geometric shape of a circle and its variations. Their uncomplicated look and light feel make them suitable for all modern interiors.

Moon washbasins ideally balance the austerity of the other right-angled elements in the bathroom such as tiles, shower enclosures, or furniture. A circle in the interior serves as an element that evokes calm and pleasant feelings. Moon washbasins are made of cast marble.

The material retains the virtues of natural material while eliminating its disadvantages. Cast marble allows perfect rendition of the design of the product, while leaving no room for shortcomings. The washbasins thus have a clearly defined, perfectly smooth and level edges, high gloss and pleasant texture to the touch, are easy to maintain, non-porous, resilient, and solid. 

Year of market release: 2017

Green technology: NO

Innovation: YES / Archive


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