EASY-KLIMA® - Metal Radiant Ceiling

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EASY-KLIMA®: easy! EASY-KLIMA® is easy to install and requires no maintenance, resulting in a versatile and cost-effective ceiling which helps to make the indoor climate and sound conditions extremely comfortable. The number speak for themselves: over 1 million square metres of metal ceiling installed. With EASY-KLIMA® indoor comfort (heating or cooling) is constantly checked, efficient and sustainable, while the specific modularity and linearity of the metal slats opens up numerous creative constructive solutions. In fact, the even, simple and well-finished surface of each single metal element allows you to create a neutral and seamless space in the room, which means it can be fully integrated with any type of interior design and design. The linearity of the design of the metal slats highlights the size of the room without visually interfering with any other furnishing elements.Various system elements can be installed in the ceiling, such as light fixtures (recessed and suspended), air treatment vents, smoke detectors, etc. at the design stage. Any other element at can be added with a few simple steps at a later date (e.g. partition wall) without compromising the normal operation of the radiant system

Year of market release: 2018

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


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