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SmartComfort 365 is the technology developed by Eurotherm to complement its radiant floor, ceiling and wall systems with maximum efficiency. It is available in multi-zone (SmartComfort 365) and single-zone (SmartOne 365) versions.
The technology is as advanced as it is simple to use. SmartComfort 365 and SmartOne 365 are state-of-the-art solutions used for all-round remote control of room heating, cooling and air handling with PID (Proportional Integral Derivative Strategy) control logic.
Both control the systems through software that memorises usage patterns and optimises switching on, off and regulation operations with the aim of reducing costs without sacrificing comfort. System performance is always excellent!
At last, the goal of climatic comfort in every living and working environment can be achieved with previously unimaginable speed and efficiency. This is not standard comfort, i.e. standard heating and cooling systems, but comfort adapted to personal needs and the climatic characteristics of the area in which the property is located.

More information and technical specs :

Year of market release: 2019

Green technology: YES

Innovation: NO


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