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ECOFILM electric heating foils are a unique product intended for use for electric large-surface floor/ceiling heating of interior spaces. These heating systems are composed of laminated polyester films with a graphite coating, supply leads, and accessories. The product is ultrathin, yet robust, and is a dry-laid system that is easy to install. 

The main advantage is the thickness of the heating foil – only 0.4 mm (!), and the ability to provide heat across the whole surface – thus achieving the required performance faster and at lower temperatures. In this way, building structures are exposed to less thermal stress and the surface temperature is distributed evenly.Heating film makes an ideal floor heating system for laminated or wooden floating floors. The technical parameters of the heating film ensure that the materials’ temperature resistance values are observed. Health and safety standards are also maintained as the maximum floor surface temperature is thermostatically limited to 27 °C. Traditional heaters, which utilise a liquid to transfer the heat, operate at (for example) significantly higher temperatures and result in a greater fluctuation in air humidity, and undesirable effects on wooden and laminated floors. It is hardly surprising that this sophisticated system has been used to safely and comfortably heat in excess of 2.5 million m2 of floors throughout Europe and has been warmly endorsed by leading floor manufacturers.
As the temperature of a floor with floor heating shouldn’t exceed 27°C, floor foils are produced only with wattages that cannot cause the foil to exceed this temperature when all the installation conditions are obeyed, namely 80 W/m², 60 W/m², and for buildings which are thermally very well (LEH) insulated, 40 W/m². 

Heating films can be also used as a ceiling heating. The foils heat the plasterboard ceiling panels, which then behave like huge  radiant panel. It’s the same principle as that utilized by ECOSUN panels; however, this system runs at less than half the temperature, with the heating spread out over a wider area. The radiation is less intensive, the room is covered better and the system is so more comfortable. As the higher temperature of the suspended ceiling is not a problem in the case of a ceiling structure, unlike with the floor, ECOFILM-C foils are produced with wattages of 140 W/m² and 200 W/m². 

Producing both heating cables and heating films, one of the most popular questions is what are the main differences between cables and films? So here is the main thing to stick to. The heating film is very thin and heats with the entire surface. The cable/mat has a spacing of approx. 8–10 cm (it depends on the linear power input in W/m). And as so there is no direct heating in between and the floor is gradually heated in this space from the loops of the cable. This does not matter if the heating cable is installed, for example, in concrete, or if it has a covering that conducts heat well. However, if the heating element is placed immediately under the floor covering, which, moreover, is not a good conductor of heat (for example floating floors), then the fact that the film heats with the entire area becomes important.

Therefore, we recommend heating films under the floating floors. And in case the floor structure includes a layer of anhydrite, concrete or sealant or the final cover is glued to the concrete base (not floating floors), we recommend heating cables/mats. Heating cables are well-known to be installed under the tiles, however, they can also successfully heat cork, vinyl or glued parquet.

Year of market release: 1974

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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