Custom-Designed Crystal Chandeliers for private Villa in Prague

A Reflection of Your Unique Style. Experience the magic of light in an exclusive Prague villa, where every piece of lighting has been carefully selected and tailored to perfectly complement its unique character. Our collaboration with the client began in our showroom, where together we selected the ideal lighting for each room of their home.

From glamorous crystal chandeliers to stylish coloured lighting fixtures, each element was carefully considered to accentuate the luxury and elegance of the space. And the result? A home where crystal dominates every room, leaving visitors with a sense of wonder.

Highlights include a black chandelier over the pool that adds unexpected drama to the space, illuminated columns that add grandeur to the space, and a spectacular rectangular light fixture in the lobby whose nearly 2,500 crystal spheres bring an unmistakable sparkle. We should not forget the pear-shaped chandelier above the staircase, which, together with the wall lamps in the same style, creates a perfect symphony of light.

Every element of lighting in this villa is a masterpiece, together creating a luxurious dream home.



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