Ceramic Ceilings HELUZ MIAKO

The construction of the ceiling or roof made of durable HELUZ solid ceramic-concrete panels and/or HELUZ Miako ceilings has a high user standard. The advantages of these systems include durability, advantageous static loading of the building, increased heat accumulation and improved sound insulation (Rw > 48 dB).
Better airtightness is also achieved for energy passive houses. The quality of performance is high, as the construction does not need foils on the interior side or mineral wool in the grid. The roof or ceiling therefore has a number of advantages for low-energy buildings.

  • system solution
  • maximum variability
  • affordability
  • possibility of manual installation
  • traditional and popular ceiling installation technology
  • ceramic ceiling = suitable base for plaster
  • for a healthy indoor microclimate
  • the most widely used ceramic ceiling 

HELUZ MIAKO ceramic beam ceilings consist of ceramic ceiling inserts and ceramic-concrete ceiling beams reinforced with welded space reinforcement. The flat ceramic brick ceiling is a good base for plastering. The ceiling creates a healthy microclimate in the rooms thanks to its excellent moisture accumulation and its ability to absorb and release moisture, which is why ceramic ceilings guarantee healthy and hygienic living. Also in terms of fire resistance, thermal insulation and acoustic parameters, these beam ceilings are suitable structural elements for residential and civil buildings.
HELUZ MIAKO ceilings are highly variable and can cover rooms up to 8 metres in clearance.

Year of market release: 2000

Green technology: NO

Innovation: NO


Green technology

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