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Special air curtains can be used for logistics openings, gates or doors. Frequently used or large entrances/gates to warehouses or production areas are the critical points where heat or cold is lost. When the door or gate is opened, the device activates automatically. It separates indoor and outdoor premises or places with different environmental qualities (temperature, humidity, pollution, etc.). We supply air curtains in various designs, especially for the industrial, commercial, refrigeration and freezing sectors and last but not least, for garage and assembly zones. We also offer a special BION Guard air curtain, which destroys a wide range of dangerous microorganisms. 


  • effectively destroys a wide range of dangerous microorganisms
  • air curtain does not prevent free transit and passage 
  • efficient and comfortable separation and air conditioning of customer premises
  • reduction of the risk of spreading odours, dust and flying insects
  • prevention of drafts and cold airflow
  • possibility of integration into an existing design solution
  • optimization of heat losses and energy savings
  • more efficient tempering and air conditioning

Reference: special air curtains for dm drogerie market – central storage, Jihlava, 2020

Year of market release: 1991

Green technology: YES

Innovation: YES


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