GROHE Rapido SmartBox Universal rough-in box

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With its universal solutions, GROHE Rapido SmartBox rough-in is the answer for everything. Many different options together with endless flexibility and freedom, with the GROHE Rapido SmartBox you can easily install the box now and decide on the trim in the future.
For installers, that means truly universal solutions. With one rough-in that fits all plates and that runs up to three shower functions and a range of ingenious features for ultimate efficiency of installation.
For planners, that means more space and more flexibility than ever before, coupled with beautiful design. All ports come with ½ inch standard and connections made to fit all standard pipes, moreover, including three outlets for a wider range of shower options, the GROHE Rapido SmartBox can take on the job where two rough-ins are normally needed.
More freedom under your shower is ensured with only 75 mm minimum depth installation and also with the GROHE wall plates which can be subsequently adjusted by up to six degrees with no drilling and with no risk of damage. Just a job well done.

Year of market release: 2017

Green technology: NO

Innovation: YES



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