Javad Eiraji

Javad Eiraji



Dr. Javad Eiraji is an Iranian architect-academician and faculty member at Islamic Azad University. His main research field and background is on tradition and modernity in architecture and design and he has founded his own international architecture and design academy, TraMod (Tradition + Modernity), in Istanbul which focuses on interactions between tradition and modernity in architecture and design. Culture, Nature, Creativity, Sustainability and Bionic-Parametric Design are some other parts of his researches and activities. Beside different universities in Iran; such as Tehran Central Branch, Kish International Branch, South Tehran Branch of IAU, Javad also improved his international cooperation with different foreign universities and research centers and he was invited and worked as visiting assistant professor at faculty of architecture and design, Eskisehir Technical University, Eskisehir, Turkey, for two years.


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