Katarina Andjelkovic

Katarina Andjelkovic




Katarina has designed and built, in full authorship and co-authorship, more than 36 projects, including National project supported by the government of Serbia in full authorship, and won numerous awards for her architectural and urban design in full and co-authorship. Areas of expertise: structuring of design problems, harmonization of technology and program requirements in public buildings; urban design and planning, feasibility study, reconstruction projects, interior design, residential buildings and hospital design, architectural design for building permit, preliminary urban planning and architectural design for multifunctional city center. Special focus is on innovative design thinking, impact of filmmaking on new ways of design thinking, experimental architecture, final presentation and 3D modelling. Her research encompasses topics in architectural theory, history and architectural design, film and media studies, visual culture. Katarina’s specific interest is in: the relationship between architecture theory and the design process in the urban environment, teaching-research framework in architecture, architectural design theory and methodologies, theory of architecture [19-20-21st century], with a special focus on innovative and artistic strategies in architecture and urban research.


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