Lida Hosseinzadeh

Lida Hosseinzadeh



I like architecture design, adding the appearance ecological design to coexist with the planet trying to avoid more pollution.Sustainable and effective Architecture with an aesthetic perspective Some of my achievements:-PhD in architecture and urban planning Polytechnic University of Madrid.-Designer and supervisor of urban building projects.-University lecturer and researcher with experience of more than 15 years.-Iranian Scientific Committee on Troglodyte Architecture (ICTA). -International member of colleagues of the Department of New Technologies of the Center for European Studies, Kharazmi University.-Winner of the beach park design competition in Bushehr. Iran -Obtaining a plaque of honor from the Iranian Association of Architects in the fifth edition of Dr. Mozaeni's best book of the year on architecture and urban planning for the book History of Interior Design.Tehran. Iran. -Printing of books on lighting in architecture, book of history of interior design, volumes 1 and 2, book of chairs designed by architects.Tehran. Iran.


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