Maira Khan

Maira Khan



  I anticipate that my Research on the Sustainable Development & Public Health, will be revenue generation for local craftsmen of Pakistan and promote local arts and craft of this region will bring Architectural Solution to communities of Pakistan. It will lead to economic development, environmental integrity, and social equality for the benefit of all humanity.The research will be originating from the indigenous context and environment in Pakistan. Vernacular Architecture of Pakistan and indigenous materials will be used in the development of the project.The Agenda for Research will focus on ending poverty , aim towards improving the living conditions of the community and empower all women and girls by promoting their handicraft skills. Not this it the main objective of this project will be productive employment and decent work for residents of all age groups. It will sustainable management of resources of the area.The research will be designed in a way that it will ensure resilient infrastructure and make rural settlements and surrounding area safe, resilient and sustainable.Consequently, this can provide immaculate opportunities, improving the pathetic living conditions of the residents of the area by promoting local crafts, vernacular architecture and indigenous materials of that region.. Sustainable proposal will be energy efficient on the same lines as humanitarian projects of Experts. The design solution will aim to provide building improvement and infrastructure. 1.2 Description of Research Goals & ObjectivesThe research will be originating from the indigenous context and environment in Pakistan. Emphasis shall be placed on adaptation and implementation of research-derived knowledge and techniques to a practical humanitarian architecture project in areas of concern.The project research goals and objectives will yield tangible outcomes in the form of prototypes which can be developed all over Pakistan. My Participation will enable Building a network and support system among female scientists from different countries .I have been teaching Energy and Environment to students of Bachelor of Architecture and promoting and encouraging interest in the areas of sustainable development, and communication of the relevance in everyday life. Sustainability presents great challenges for Architecture profession. But it also presents us with opportunities to play a dynamic and constructive role in the future development of our own societies. Indeed, we find ourselves living and working at one of those critical times in the history of the world where the future of the human enterprise is being decided. These are critical times. Our role as architects helping society to secure its future may well be decisive. In a world that is already straining its life supporting capacities to the limit, how we shape and organise space in support of sustainable living lies at the very heart of well-being and even our survival.1.3 ConclusionThis research of almost 10 years will focus on revenue generation for local craftsmen of Pakistan and promote local arts and craft of this region and works towards Sustainable Development.My research has concluded that SUSTAINABILITY and BIM are inter-twined issues and that this requires more research and deliberation in order to address how best to co-relate the 2 issues to yield maximum value-add.All strategic actions Smile, Promote, Experiment and Survive will serve as research models . The Focus of my research has been same as the Theme of Brundtland Award.• Health and Sustainable Development• Sustainable and Equitable Health Systems• Sustainable Development Challenges in Developing CountriesI assure you that this Platform will result in International Collaboration and we will be able to fight with all the challenges and come up with Sustainable Solutions for the coming Generations.I would like to conclude by Quoting The Brundtland Report 1987 : “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” - The Brundtland Report      REFERENCES papers from 17-Aug-2016)Submitted to University of Wales Swansea on 2016-08-17(Internet from 17-Nov-2015) Papers from 03-Jul-2015)Submitted to 82561 on 2015-07-03(Internet from 14-Mar-2014), Ved P.. "The journey from the millennium development goals to the sustainable development goals.", Denver Journal of International Law and , Spring 2016 Issue    


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