Byung Kil Bae

Byung Kil Bae


Republic of Korea

My architecture is concerned with the fundamental perception of the interrelationship between nature, human-being and architecture and the architect's architectural behavior in search of ways of coexistence through the right relationship between nature and human-being. The architect thinks that respect and consideration for nature, which is the background of human life and architecture, is necessary, so I developed into aesthetics the meaning of Yum Chi(廉恥)", which is human ethics and takes it as my architectural attitude.A ancient famous Chinese scholar, Mang-Ja(孟子) said about “Yum Chi (廉恥)“ in his speech, "Man must be ashamed; only when he is ashamed of being free of shame does he have nothing to be ashamed of.” "Aesthetics of Yum Chi(廉恥)" is a part of the architectural spirit, which states that in the relationship between human and nature, in the relationship between human and things, all things and human must be conscious that they are interactive with each other-dependence, so that they should "go beyond relationship to ethics.“ I understand that it is ultimately for human beings that architects care about nature, and I practice architecture based on the perception that there are "no boundaries" and “not a one thing, and it is not two“ to each other in nature, human-being and architecture.


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