Salma Begum

Salma Begum



Salma Begum is a Bangladeshi Architect. Having been a distinguished student herself throughout her academic career – from being the recipient of Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal in Bachelor of Architecture to double masters from BUET, Bangladesh and KU Leuven, Belgium with distinction, she is now engaged in nurturing next generation architects in the Department of Architecture at Ahasanullah University as an Assistant Professor. She is also a practicing architect – involved in various notable projects both domestically and internationally. She frequently contributes in international architectural publications benefiting the community. Outside architecture world, she is an avid traveler and a photographer. She is interested in designing public spaces and places. Her research interest is to see how the use of space changes its scenerio with time and politics. For a city , landscape plays an important role. Therefore, how urbanism and landscape can integrate togather to contribute a city is another topic of interest of hers. She is currently engazed as an indpendent researcher where the research tries to forsee the future of public green space: Envisioning a sustainable urban landscape as incubator of citizenship, social cohesion and alternative urban economics – the Case of Dhaka.      


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