FENIX was founded in 1990 as one of the first private companies in the Czech Republic following the „Velvet“ Revolution.
Now Fenix Holding is one of the largest European manufacturers of electric surface heating systems and currently exports to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Electrical heating systems „made by FENIX“ heat hundreds of thousands of households and tens of thousands of buildings around the world, and are used in a variety of plant and livestock applications. Outdoor heating, technological heating, heating systems for industry and historic buildings, heating of stadiums and playgrounds – after 30 years of practice FENIX can be called a true expert with solid knowledge, experience and know-how.


- A complete range of electric heating for home, office, outdoor applications and industrial, agricultural buildings
- A wide selection of heating elements and suitable regulation allows to choose the best solution for a specific application in one place
- Above-standard warranty conditions
- Modern production based on new technologies, robots and automation with strict quality control
- Competitive prices for top quality
- Free experienced technical support
- Satisfied customers and prestigious awards increasing each year proving such attitude right  

  • Fenix s.r.o. (1990) – plant producing electrical heating systems
  • Fenix Trading s.r.o. (1993) – trading company
  • Fenix Slovakia s.r.o. (1993) – production and trading company, representing FENIX in Slovakia
  • Fenix Group a.s. (1995) – company which provides property management and services (strategic planning, administration of property, economic and financial services)
  • Flexel International Ltd. (2003) – manufacturing and trading company located in the United Kingdom
  • Demista Ltd. (2008) – UK based supplier of mirror demisting heating products
  • ACSO SAS. (2010) – production and trading company which represents FENIX in France
  • CEILHIT S.L.U. (2010) – premier manufacturer of heating cables in Spain and trading company which represents FENIX in Spain
  • Konsulent Team A/S (2014) – trading company with its headquarters in Norway
  • AERS s.r.o. (2016) – technology company engaged in designing, production and installation of SAS battery-powered peak stations and AES 10–50 kWh home modular battery storage
  • Fenix Deutschland GmbH (2018) – trading company with headquarters in Germany
  • Fenix Polska Sp. z o.o. (2019) – new member of the Fenix Group since February 2019 – Trading company with its headquarters in Poland
  • ELMARK d.o.o. (2020) – specialized company, existing on the Serbian market for 27 years and previously our long-term partner

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