HELUZ is one of the three largest manufacturers of masonry materials in the Czech Republic. It is the only one of this trio that is a Czech family-owned company. With its top-quality products, the company continues a family tradition that began 145 years ago. It supplies complete building systems for rough construction to all countries in Central Europe. In addition to the domestic market, its core markets include Slovakia and Austria. HELUZ ranks among the most innovative companies in its field. For more than 12 years, HELUZ FAMILY 2in1 has been producing brick blocks with the best thermal insulation properties on the market, suitable for near-zero energy houses and passive houses, in single-layer construction without additional insulation

In 2017, HELUZ also launched the first compact sanded AKU brick of brick-mineral wool-brick sandwich composition with air tightness Rw=D7 dB at a total thickness of 21 cm under the name HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21 sanded. The revolutionary new product is HELUZ SIDI, a liquid, pre-prepared silicate-dispersion mortar for efficient masonry, which is applied with a system roller as in painting. New for 2020 is the HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing lintel with a variable internal space for the placement of external shading technology, which is designed for single-layer brickwork made of HELUZ FAMILY and HELUZ FAMILY 2in1 bricks. The range also includes flat lintels, ceramic ceilings, chimney systems and special fittings. 

New in 2023 HELUZ is coming up with the Meaningful concept ("Smysluplný celek") initiative. It encourages a thorough consideration of the construction from the very first stage and thus personally advocates for better education and awareness of all stakeholders in the field of building construction. 

It encourages building investors to plan the project comprehensively and consider other parameters besides cost. For example, the energy performance of the building, the need for additional repairs or its ecological footprint.

HELUZ, a traditional Czech manufacturer of brick building systems, has introduced a new initiative called Meaningful concept. It explains to investors how to build a house and avoid weak points. These can be the wastefulness of the building, low soundproofing or the degradation of the building material over time. These problems can be avoided by thoughtful implementation. This is where the complete HELUZ building system can help. This manicured system not only ensures that the building is of high quality, but also energy-efficient.

Where everything fits together, there is no room for error. That's why the complete system includes everything for the whole building, except the foundations. It includes bricks, lintels, chimney sets and, last but not least, solid ceilings. HELUZ has everything for vertical and horizontal structures, allowing builders to build with a single manufacturer.

The advantage of such a process is that the elements already work together and build on each other from the factory. The resulting envelope is sealed like a case and thus takes on much better properties. With the HELUZ building system it is possible to build houses with almost zero energy consumption without the need for additional insulation. The single-layer construction of HELUZ makes it easy to achieve the result even in the form of a passive house.

Eight stories of a meaningful concept 
The perfect house is achieved by a well-thought-out implementation. The 8 micro-stories on the Meaningful concept website highlight what all needs have to be taken into account. In addition to energy consumption or errors in construction, it also deals with the decrease of land supply. Everything is pointing towards the return of two-generation housing. This is where the indisputable advantages of massive buildings from the complete HELUZ building system lie, as they make it possible to add another floor at any time.

The Meaningful concept initiative rests on four pillars. The first is the interconnectedness of the components. The second is the accumulation of the HELUZ material's performance properties, such as thermal insulation properties, heat accumulation, inertia, air tightness and durability. The third pillar is the services that relieve worries and add to the meaningfulness of the whole. Last but not least, the ecological aspect with a view to the future. It is precisely because of its durability, longevity and mechanical resistance that the HELUZ material allows buildings to be constructed with a long-term perspective and the possibility of future modifications.

HELUZ for the whole building
The HELUZ range includes HELUZ FAMILY bricks for external masonry without additional insulation. The HELUZ FAMILY 3in1 load-bearing lintel with removable insulator solves the shading problem. Builders can achieve the required soundproofing with HELUZ AKU bricks, which meet the increased sound insulation requirements with minimal dimensions. HELUZ SIDI ready-mixed masonry mortar enables fast masonry without mixing. HELUZ complementary bricks are also available for details such as corners, lining and window sills. HELUZ SIDI and HELUZ supplementary bricks make it practical to lay bricks without electricity. HELUZ also offers ceramic-concrete panels and HELUZ MIAKO ceilings. HELUZ chimney sets for solid, gaseous and liquid fuels complete the offer. There is also a complementary service in the form of services before and during construction, which will relieve builders of many worries. Many of these services are free of charge.

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